In a world where we’re so often over-worked, over-stimulated and over-tired, it can feel like a few nice-smelling oils and an hour to yourself will be a drop in the ocean - or an indulgence that doesn’t solve any problems. Can you relate?

Chances are feeling more connected to your body, feeling cared for, and taking even an hour for yourself would do you the world of good.

The Life-Changing Magic of Aromatherapy

Imagine stepping into a quiet clearing, a cosy therapy room, surrounding yourself with candlelight, calming music, and my full care and attention. Imagine that your only job for an hour is to absorb peacefulness, to listen to your heart (rather than your busy mind). Imagine if you left feeling a little lighter, a little more ease.

The closest thing to magic that I know how to do is match a blend of essential oils that’s just right for the client in front of me. Something that energises if they’re feeling sluggish, or relaxes if they’re beyond tense. And always something that eases worry, stress, and overwhelm.

There are many immediate benefits to my massage and facial treatments, including a brighter complexion, more comfortable muscles, and better circulation.

But I believe the longer term benefits run deeper.

Mind, Body, Spirit

As a qualified aromatherapist and massage therapist with years of experience, I’ve developed an approach that’s both gentle and powerful. I’m a big believer in the mind-body-spirit connection, and that influences my work in every session.

I work best with clients who are curious about and open to the deeper shifts that can happen when we work with essential oils and massage therapy. Those who bring their whole selves to the session - stresses, struggles and all - get the most out of this work.

Mostly, I want to show up for you, bringing my skills, experience and magic to whatever you’re experiencing physically, mentally and emotionally.

Cambridge and Beyond

Day-to-day, I'm based in my gorgeous treatment studio in Impington, just outside Cambridge. I have also offered treatments on retreats and at events, including yoga retreats, women's retreats and more. I love being involved in the wider context of health and wellbeing, and if I can add an extra dimension to your event, please get in touch.